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Cycling through war as a trend


How wars are “fashioned”

Just as the latest clothing styles can become trends left in the dust, the same thing can be said with war. Popular wars can be talked about then forgotten as if they never existed. War is something that has happened all throughout history, yet it isn’t always given the proper recognition. 

This topic is damaging for many people, including family or friends, but it’s important to teach citizens in any nation. Without the proper education and talk of these conflicts, a country can be left ignorant and unknowing.

Wars have been going in and out with the amount of attention they get. The focus can be on one struggle and move to the next.

The trend of forgetting war in our society is concerning, as it can diminish the significance of warfare and its profound impact on countries and individuals. This collective amnesia may lead to a lack of understanding for the lessons learned from past wars, jeopardizing the efforts to promote peace and the prevention of future problems.

Wars are being glossed over by the U.S. and their general consumers, these clashes haven’t gotten enough publication from the American media.

After the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the U.S. hasn’t paid much mind to Ukraine and Russia. There are also many unknown conflicts happening all around the world that students and even adults don’t have proper education on.

Of course, a good deal of the population keeps up with the news and searches for coverage of these topics, but it’s not as well known throughout the entirety of our continent especially with younger adolescents.

In the U.S. specifically, the mentions of Ukraine have dropped and talks of a newer war have popped up. Israel’s war can be considered more “popular” due to how much attraction it has gained. Not to discredit this war and the lives lost, but there are still many other conflicts that aren’t being talked about nearly enough. 

War can be considered a trend when we lose interest in what’s happening or has happened and move onto the next new tragedies. The people involved either directly or indirectly in these ongoing funds are losing their lives and not enough people are hearing their cries.

What are we interested in?

Today, U.S. citizens are interested in the latest scandals and drama. This includes celebrity news or topics relevant to their own lives. When these topics, however, steer towards war, there tends to be more hesitation.

The reason for this hesitation could be the fear or lack of interest citizens have revolving around war. There are lots of people who don’t want to talk about the problems in our world, or they would rather live in bliss. Yet others around the world are being killed, starved, neglected, and attacked.

In a 2022 study by Oxford university titled “What do readers really want to read about?”, authors found that viewers choose to look at what affects them or the people around them most. “People choose to read news that is most relevant to their own lives, and the lives of their families, colleagues and communities” the article states.

If war is not relevant to what’s going on in a person’s life, they may not be as interested.

Is it important for Americans to talk more about topics like war to help preserve an unbiased perspective?

When asked if there is an importance in Americans speaking out on these subjects, Yara Ghanem, a ninth-grade student at Montclair High School, said she believes there is an importance to Americans speaking out on these subjects.

“I believe these topics are important to discuss. Without well informed residents and unbiased information being spread, many are left with taboo clichés,” Ghanem said. “Propaganda can be made when people are left in the dark about something as important as war.”

School education on war

Ghanem laments the loss of current events conversations in classrooms, especially when it comes to global conflicts.

“In middle school, my social studies teacher went over the topics of war. We had class discussions and lectures speaking on the new conflict that had come up at the time,” Ghanem explained. “This was the Ukraine-Russia war. Nowadays, in high school, I don’t get to hear or learn about these same topics. I feel the school district doesn’t put enough attention into these recent heavy current events.”

Has the Ukrainian-Russian war been overlooked by the US ? If so, why is more focus being drawn towards Israel and Hamas than Ukraine and Russia? 

“At first, the United States had put time and care into the Ukrainian-Russia war. As time went on though, a newer war emerged and there was less focus on Ukraine,” Ghanem added. “Another reason for this war being overlooked is the stronger ties America has to Israel compared to Ukraine. The United States has also given the most money to Israel compared to any other country since WWII. So yes, this war has been overlooked since time has forced it out and money and resources were becoming dry.”

“Well, as you may know. Throughout history power consolidation has been at the forefront of most societies since the dawn of man.” Kenneth Joseph, who is a source very intrigued by the matters of forgotten wars says 

All across the world for well over centuries we can see the visions of kings and their kingdoms unfold in bloodbaths and diplomacy.

He goes on to say “Since 1948 after WWII and the mass genocide of the jewish people by the axis powers, America has had a vested interest in the state of israel. That may be why it’s receiving much more attention in the US.”

Is it important for Americans to talk more about topics like war to help preserve an unbiased perspective?

Patrice Jacobus, a 67 year old woman shares her views on this topic and goes in to say “Absolutely. Forming an opinion without uncovering the spectrum of facts surrounding a situation will always lead to misinformation and rhetoric. One cant genuinely preserve or report the truth of a matter without having empathy toward the integrity of all it involves.”

Patrice claims “We the people should not just stay informed but keep an open mind when establishing convictions especially when it comes to free press.”

The amount of armed conflicts over time has stayed consistent and wars breaking out has become more common.

Many are dying world wide in wars we know nothing about.

How many have died in Ukraine? 

At least 10,000 civilians, including more than 560 children have been killed during the prolonging of this war. Over 18,500 have been injured since Russia launched its attack against Ukraine.

Countries currently at war

Yemen, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Syria, Boko Haram insurgency, China, Somali civil war, Daraa insurgency are all at war.

The Mexican government itself has declared  the war on drugs over due to the toll it was taking on its population. Most wars or conflicts don’t receive sufficient coverage in the US.

While trends may shift public attention, the impact of war is enduring. The consequences and lessons that can be learned from historical conflicts should not be forgotten. They shape our collective understanding of humanity’s capabilities.

It’s crucial to preserve the memory of war to foster a commitment to peace, empathy, and the prevention of future conflicts.


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