Andrew Tate Exudes a Hidden Evil

Jacob Goldman, Staff Writer

If you are on the internet in 2023, chances are you’ve heard of the name Andrew Tate. The four-time kickboxing world champion and now multi-millionaire businessman has swiftly made his way to the top of the trending lists, and is now a social media sensation. But don’t let his substantial following fool you. Tate is evil, and he is corrupting society. 

Tate’s cruel mouth

Andrew Tate has caused quite a stir from the immense controversy that he ignites. He and his followers deny that he is a misogynist, though his actions prove otherwise. Tate has claimed that men have “authority” over their female partners, that women should be held partially responsible for being raped, and that women should not be allowed to drive. In many of his YouTube videos and live streams he dehumanizes women by referring to them as “h*es” and “b*tches.” So many are oblivious to Tate’s blatant misogyny, including men.

Tate is corrupting men

His audience is primarily made up of young men and boys. They internalize Tate’s misogynistic ideology, which causes them to exude his same nature amongst their female peers. The dynamics of classrooms, households, and friendships nationwide are changing. This audience is subconsciously displaying acts of misogyny within these environments.

Tate offers a way to paint over the insecurities that young men and boys carry, but the basis for his method is built by twisted narratives that devalue women. Of course, men might be oblivious to this indoctrination. The ego boost that Tate gives young men and boys works at the detriment of women and their place in society. Young men and boys just want to feel superior, so they sign on to Tate’s ideology.

But these people will grow up still buying into these vacuous narratives. Even as adults, these young men and boys will continue to internalize Tate’s ideology, and subconsciously treat women differently. Andrew Tate isn’t only detrimental to women, he’s detrimental to men.

Tate’s barbaric nature

There is clear evidence of Tate being sexually and physically abusive towards women. He was kicked off of the reality game show Big Brother after a video surfaced of him violently beating his ex-girlfriend.  

He was placed in custody and arrested in Romania in December, but was released in March after investigators found little evidence to uphold the case. Prosecutors claimed that Andrew Tate, along with his brother Tristan, were held under the suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organized crime group. Tate is still under governmental scrutiny as he currently remains on house arrest.

Tate disguises his comments as eye-opening tips and inspiration, and he purports himself to be a role model. Despite being banned from most major social media platforms, Tate is still present on the internet. His fanbase is continuously growing, and his audience of young men and boys will continue to get sucked into his buzz. 

Tate is detrimental to society as a whole

Andrew Tate is causing societal destruction. He is adept at twisting the narrative and persuading his vulnerable audience into believing his lies. Tate has changed how women are perceived in society. He makes vacuous claims about females, painting an entire gender as ill-intentioned gold diggers. Although this plays directly into stereotypes, most of his audience buys into it.

Young men specifically are blinded by the desire to maintain superiority, and they utilize misogyny to achieve this. A narrative that makes women the villains and men the victims is a dangerous, yet seductive trope for a new generation.