Trending MHS Club serves up fashion “In Bad Taste”

Ila Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer

One of the best things about Montclair High School is its large and diverse variety of student-run clubs, which allow those who attend to engage in stimulating social activities, and express themselves in different ways. Students are able to share their opinions and thoughts and create and work alongside peers in different age groups.

One club in particular is able to offer a physical copy, full of student expression, whether it be through its eye-catching artwork, colorful photography, evocative poetry or informational passages. With its stylish and trendy format, the Fashion Photography Club’s first issue “In Bad Taste” was created to be “a magazine by teens for teens” and featured artwork, experimental photography, and varied styles of writing. 

Run predominantly by the co-founders Amalia Brevard and Melanie Panasonich, the idea for the club was first formulated the summer before their junior year. It was struck up when Amalia mentioned her desire to start a fashion club, which at the time was lacking at MHS. Melanie thought it was a great idea, and suggested they create a fashion magazine.

In our interview with Brevard (the president of the club), she explained that “Fashion and design have always been a huge part of who I am. Fashion has always been key, especially with the diversity of styles that are represented within our school and society as a whole. Realizing that there was no club related to personal style at MHS motivated me to start my own.” Eventually, the two wrote up and submitted a club charter, which was approved, and in September the club began to meet every Tuesday. It attracted many students, and was a big success.

As of now, the club has one issue published, their 2022 winter issue is titled “In Bad Taste.” This magazine takes inspiration from magazines and photoshoots from the 90s and early 2000s. Brevard states that the club wanted this issue to have “a retro feel and to appear more crafty and unconventional.” Our main goal for the magazine was for it to be teen-oriented. We wanted it to be relatable and an authentic representation of today’s youth, she said.

“In Bad Taste” was designed, written, and published completely by student club members. Amalia described the process as “a great opportunity to bring creative and like-minded people together” and “a learning experience for all of us and a collaborative exchange of talent and skills.”

The club is separated into five teams, the Writing team, Fashion & Design team, Art team, Graphic Design team, and the Photography team. The creation process began by drafting a “magazine skeleton,” which is a complete first draft of the entire magazine, in order and  with every section labeled. The task of creating the magazine was handled carefully and in a very organized manner.

“We have projected calendars for each month so therefore our meetings were based on what we had coming up each week. In the weeks of upcoming photoshoots, we focused on brainstorming ideas for its specific theme. As we got closer to the magazine’s drop date, each team worked consecutively on their individual contributions,” Brevard explained.

The magazine was published on January 29th, and was available in physical and digital format. Amalia describes the process of creating and working with other students as “Super impressive to see the array of talent and creative ideas amongst my fellow club members. The diverse styles and interests completely brought the magazine to a different level. Club members were able to have conversations in which they contributed their innovative ideas.”

Though she cannot reveal much about the next issue, she did say that it will have a “nostalgic feel,” and that “although each issue will have a different theme, the overall style will remain consistent.”

To any student who is considering joining the club, she said, “I can guarantee that there is something for everyone in the Fashion Photography Club. It’s a fun and loving community for students’ freedom to express themselves in almost any way they choose. The positive benefit of the club is the manifestation of confidence and self-love through the expression of Fashion and Art.”